All You Need To Learn About Crafts And Arts

Do you need to wow your buddies with special arts and crafts? Would you like to produce a personal art piece to show in your home? You can always apply certain new fresh concepts for the industry of crafts. Continue reading for top quality tips. Cover surfaces with old newspaper in order to avoid damaging furniture or floors when making crafts and arts projects. When the project is complete, take away the newspaper. Try setting aside a craft job that can be done while doing crafts and arts projects with the kids. Should you be really into arts and crafts, so you don't do this, you could potentially start... […]

The Popularity of Men's Anchor Bracelets

Introduction Fashion is constantly an evolving concept and each new day brings with it new trends. One trend that has been gaining popularity all over the world lately is men’s anchor bracelets. These bracelets have been spotted among celebrities as well as the common dudes and day by day, more men are getting attracted to this seemingly increasing trend. However, as is the case with many fashion trends, we often immerse ourselves into the thick of things even before we actually figure out the meaning of what the trend is all about, and the case is no different here so let us start easy by defining what these... […]

Hand History

    Late Nandlall Agarwal 10.02.1913   to           04.02.1992 

He sowed the seeds of a vision seventy years ago. The vision is now reality spreading its branches. Nurtured by successive generations.

Late Nandlall Agarwal started his career at the tender age of seventeen and built a big business empire in Assam. He was a well-known personality, tea planter, manufacturer, industrialist, educationist and social worker. Apart from his family and business he devoted his life to social work. Laying the foundation of many Schools, Colleges, Hostels, Place of Worship, Hospitals, Dharamsalas, Hostel

... […]