The Popularity of Men's Anchor Bracelets

Introduction Fashion is constantly an evolving concept and each new day brings with it new trends. One trend that has been gaining popularity all over the world lately is men’s anchor bracelets. These bracelets have been spotted among celebrities as well as the common dudes and day by day, more men are getting attracted to this seemingly increasing trend. However, as is the case with many fashion trends, we often immerse ourselves into the thick of things even before we actually figure out the meaning of what the trend is all about, and the case is no different here so let us start easy by defining what these bracelets are. Anchor bracelets for men refer to bracelets that are constructed out of nylon sailing rope. They come secured by an ornamental metal clasps that are shaped like anchors, thereby replacing he traditional toggle as well as ring or claw clasps.   What’s their Meaning? Anchor bracelets for mean have varied meanings but make no mistake, nearly as half as many people who wear them do not even give any thought to the hidden meanings. First, these bracelets may represent seasonality by highlighting certain months of the year. Such are the anchor bracelets that are made of gemstone. The anchor bracelets could also be associated with certain forces of nature such as earthquakes or even supernatural forces. Men who wear such bracelets either do so out of the respect and awe they have towards such forces, and this shows they accept the dominion of these forces over them. There is also a sizable number of men who wear these anchor bracelets as they believe they could influence their personality and their chances at success. Depending on how deep a man’s belief in superstition is, the beliefs could range from the sheer wish for financial success to a wish for longevity of life. Aside from the categories of men described above, there are those who simply wear the anchor bracelets as they believe they add a touch of comfort, style, elegance and charm to their looks.   Origin of Anchor Bracelets for Men The history of men’s anchor bracelets is intertwined with the broader history of bracelets. From time immemorial, bracelets had been considered a feminine affair and opinions have remained sharply divided on men wearing them. However, it was not until 2013 that the paradigm shifted and more men began viewing bracelets in a more positive light, anchor bracelets included. While their real origin may be a little shrouded in mystery, there is a common conception that the braces trace back to early sailors and seamen. This is due to the fact that most of them feature maritime sailing ropes in their construction.   Men's Bracelets Reasons for Popularity One of the main reasons for the popularity of anchor bracelets for men is the fact that they have become popular among celebrities. We have been treated to numerous male celebrities adorned in these bracelets and being people that we idolize, every man wants to try out the bracelets in a bid to associate themselves with the celebrities. Another reason that could possibly have led to the rise in popularity of male anchor bracelets is the increasing closing gap between needs and practices by people of the opposite gender. It should be remembered that even before these bracelets came to the fore, the question as to whether men should put on earrings and other female-oriented attire and hairstyles was already as good as settled. Because these practices had already found favor among many men, men would find no reason taking to anchor bracelets as the feminine tag was no longer there. There is another reason that could have led to the rise in the popularity of male anchor bracelets and this may perhaps be one of the reasons quite obscure to many. Could their popularity have been a marketing gimmick by media or retail outlets? Clearly, when a lifestyle or fashion magazine features a well-built man wearing these bracelets on its front cover, the message is quite clear. Either, more men will be stimulated into buying the magazine or buying the bracelets. It should not be forgotten that there are already so many websites such as AliExpress and Amazon that offer a limitless variety of these anchor bracelets.   Wrap Up Men’s anchor bracelets are really changing the fashion landscape and while debate rages on regarding their suitability for men, manufacturers are sparing no effort in producing them, thanks to their unwavering popularity. While so much will be said and written regarding their origin, meanings and suitability, the decision to wear one ultimately comes down on the wearer. For all we know, these bracelets are not going away any time soon.